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. UC Cover

UNDER CONSTRUCTION, Book One of the Cartel Series

In book one of the exciting new Cartel Series, Alex McKenna accepts an offer on a new project that seems too good to be true.

Working to rebuild a broken part of her life, she finds herself mixed up in a treacherous game of catch the crime boss. With her company’s reputation and her very survival at stake, she has only two choices…

Trust one really good bad-guy or one really bad good-guy.


 Restricted Access

RESTRICTED ACCESS, Book Two of the Cartel Series

In Book Two of the Cartel Series, Alex McKenna is back and she’s in deeper than ever.

Following the bloody wake of recent events, Alex learns to wield the power of an organized crime empire.

Her unconventional methods contradict the very logic of the underworld she infiltrates – and in finding solace in the arms of more than one man, her unconventional choices smear the lines of love and hate…


Dead End Cover

 DEAD END, Book Three of the Cartel Series

In Book Three of the Cartel Series, Alex McKenna must reconcile the life she wants with the less-than-ideal life she’s chosen.

 The very real possibility of forever losing those she loves is terrifying enough, but when all of the get-out-of-jail-free cards have been cashed in and a vengeful enemy attacks unexpectedly, Alex must face the even darker reality that when you tromp through a forest of lies, you just might get caught in a hunter’s snare…


One Way Cover

ONE WAY, Book Four of the Cartel Series

In Book Four of the Cartel Series, Alex McKenna is out to make amends.

Alex is determined, come Hell or high water, to put the pieces of her life back together.Unfortunately, an unthinkable betrayal causes Hell to come a little early, threatening far more than just her mission to set things to rights. In this action packed conclusion to the series, Alex learns happiness really is a matter of life and death.






Average Jill Cover b


When Jillian finds herself wishing for something more out of love, her best friend Stacey is sure she knows just how to help… Operation: Trade Up.

Jill isn’t sure Stacey’s cure won’t be worse than the cause of all her woes, but there is just no arguing with Evil Makeover Barbie when she has one thing on her mind. One way or the other, Stacey is determined that Jillian is going to find her Prince Charming – or else!