The Muse, it’s a love hate thing… (Includes excerpt from Book Two)

There is no book as interesting as the one I’m creating in my head. Wait! Let me explain before you click away, muttering about what a d-bag I am.

I do seriously love reading. I love all of the sex, murder, mayhem, romance, humor, mystery, drama – the more outrageous the better, I say. And if I had a genie in a bottle, there would be a long list of people I would have write short stories for me to read every night before bed. (Check out my blogroll, people! There are some seriously talented indie writers out there.)

However, I have discovered both the love and the hate of ‘the muse’ and will never be the same again. There is nothing like creating your own story, handpicking the characteristics that, both good and bad, turn your characters into real people.

Maybe it’s a power trip, being able to string readers along (and myself as well, if I’m honest). Maybe it’s an escape from a happy, though mundane, reality. Maybe it’s just a hobby turned obsession. Whatever it is, I’m fixated on the ‘who, what, when, where, why, and how’ of it all.

I care for my characters as if they’re flesh and blood. I laugh at their jokes, pout when they’re being assholes, and cry when they’re hurting. Really. I do. My husband has walked in on many occasions, asking what I’m laughing at all alone in my bedroom, or chuckling as I tapped away at my laptop with huge tears rolling down my face.

These moments happen frequently as I work on the second book in my series, Restricted Access, trying to reconcile the woman Alex is with the woman she must be. To this end, I thought it would be nice to present the first draft of chapter one of Restricted Access…

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5 responses to “The Muse, it’s a love hate thing… (Includes excerpt from Book Two)

  1. Jolie Moi


    Thank you for your response AND announcing a date. Totally didn’t expect that, BUT… January 2nd has been added and reminder alarm has been set!! OH YEAH!!

    Now don’t pass out, okay? Remember that your fingers (and toes) are still crossed and we need to avoid any possible injuries to your hands. *lol*

    So happy to hear about Banker’s persistence. Just more to look forward to! *bigger grin*

  2. Jolie Moi

    I seriously enjoyed Under Construction and just added you to my favorite author list! Is it me, or was Banker hotter than Calen? Hope she ends up with Banker. But I digress. I read the book in less than two hours and I’m craving more! Great job on the start of your new series and I look forward to Restricted Access. Any idea on when we can expect it? *grin*

    • Oh gosh, what a loaded question … or is it a loaded answer? 😀
      I’m still crossing fingers – and toes, I’m talented like that – that I’ll be publishing Restricted Access in early January. I’ve refused to consider otherwise. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to turn ‘college midterm’ on me and I’m going to have to have some major cram-sessions. However, everyone’s awesome comments have added some major boost to my powerbomb. Thanks for that! In fact… You’ve inspired me to a goal. I’m announcing it here for all to read : I’M GOING TO PUBLISH BOOK TWO ON JANUARY 2nd, 2012! There it’s done… oh god. I’m going to pass out. 😉
      P.S. – Yes, Banker’s hot factor is definitely off the charts. Book two will takes some interesting turns, but keep the faith, he’s sexy AND PERSISTENT *wink, wink*

  3. Nikki

    Just read “Under Construction” and love it!! Can’t wait for “Restricted Access” to be released. Keep up the good work!

  4. Just what the dotcor ordered, thankity you!