Characters Are People Too

Call me weird, but it occurred to me, as I was writing today, that I was starting to develop a small crush on one of my characters.

I’m told it’s not unusual to have strong emotions when focusing on various characters through the changing scenes of a book. (Ok, so maybe I just made that up to make myself feel better about it.) Whatever the case, it’s inspired me to take up the idea of interviewing the characters we’ve both come to know and love. Hopefully as I work my way through your favorites, you’ll find something that makes you smile and think ‘oh yeah, I knew it.’

If you have a burning question in your heart, maybe for Banker or Alex, please feel free to ask. Also, many of you have already done so, but if not, please subscribe to my site updates. I don’t post often, you won’t be bombarded by emails, but it encourages me to know that people are enjoying my work.

Anyway, without further adieu, I present my first interview…





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2 responses to “Characters Are People Too

  1. Thanks Summer,
    I like the idea of a character interview. But, you know what, I now have to go back and read “Under Construction” again. I simply am not not placing Fred. See, it worked. By the time you get all the character interviews in, I’ll have read your novel four or five more times!

    • You know what’s funny, he started out as just a background character for me. To literally get my main character from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’… but somewhere along the way, I found a deep character, and thus became : Fred, chauffeur, bodyguard, and confidant. I almost feel the need to go back and rewrite a little of his early dialogue, because his ‘voice’ changed as I got to know him.