Lions and Tigers and Deadlines – OH SHIT!

Ok, so this will be a very short post. I thought I might enlighten everyone to how my process works.

Step 1… Stay up at night, tossing and turning, coming up with great ideas and motivations to get up early the next morning and start writing. Finally fall asleep (and snore loudly according to my amused husband).

Step 2… Repeat step 1 for the next two months, occasionally coming home from work and disgustedly tapping away at my keyboard to get a chapter or two done just so I don’t kill myself for being such a procrastinator.

Step 3… Realize I have less than a three weeks to complete my book (which I have oh-so-stupidly told everyone would be up for sale immediately after New Years) and freak out just enough to type a blog post about my freak out.

Step 4… log off of this post and proceed to type 40,000 electrifying words in a week and a half – Ok. Here. I. Go.


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2 responses to “Lions and Tigers and Deadlines – OH SHIT!

  1. Thanks E.J.! I’m terrified now that I’m going to miss my deadline, but I’m still at it. Send over a bedtime story for me sometime, I miss ya!

  2. Best luck to you as you plug away at those keys. Please try not to hit them so hard that you break them. Although I’m writing this now to wish you luck, you may not even see the post until late December when you stop writing just long enough to get a drink and a few hours sleep.