Investment: Banker

Something you may or may not know, I launched into writing my first book after having less than 20,000 words worth of short stories completed. If practice makes perfect, I’m a roll of the mediocrity dice.

I am striving to catch up with my esteemed peers, though; and to that end, I have a wonderful friend and fellow writer who was willing to do a serious proofread and critique for me on book one, Under Construction. Yes. That’s right. On top of trying to finish book number two in the series by January 2nd, I’m also ‘fixing’ the flubs in the first book.

The proposed edits arrived in my inbox this afternoon, and all I can say is: Yikes. I didn’t come here to cry, though. I love writing. And though it may sound arrogant of me, I think writing loves me. Obviously, you think so, too 🙂

However, there has been a serious question posed, and I’d like to put it to those of you who have already read Under Construction. What is your opinion on the scene where Alex settles the score with Banker? Love it, hate it, too cheesy, super sexy, favorite part, leave it on the cutting room floor? I want to know what you really think – the good, the bad, and the horny – I can handle it all, so give it to me, baby!

Post your comments below, and as always, remember to enter your email address in the box over there to receive updates on the new book.


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9 responses to “Investment: Banker

  1. DeAnna

    I am in love with Banker! Yes, he was a little scary when first introduced but as the story progressed, he just developed into a mysteriously sexy man! I live in the Houston area (Atascocita) and would love it if he really existed. Does he? I’ll drive out there right now…Anyway, I don’t think it’s cheesy and I just love the story and can’t wait for “Under Construction”!!!

  2. Stacey

    I just finished Under Construction, but this was not the first book of yors I have read. I have also read Gamer score, and Dirty hot mess. I really enjoyed your writing and like others fell a “little bit” in love with your two hot men, I think alot of us women have a little bit of a bad side to us and wish something like “Banker” would happen to us, haha.

    Can’t wait for the next book.
    P.S, can’t Alex have both of them????? Just a thought.

  3. Thank you all so much! I’m really excited about Restricted Access, and can’t wait to have it finished and find out what all of you think 🙂

  4. Patrena

    I really did enjoy this book. I’m looking forward to book 2.
    To all u book readers this book is a must have and any others books to follow. This was a none stop reed. I truely enjoyed. This book has a mixture of comedy drama and action all in one great book. My thanks to the author i truely enjoyed.

  5. Missie Phillips

    Loved the book! I read the whole thing in a day. Can’t wait for the next one!

  6. Christina Grapp

    Well to say the least, I am waiting in ernest to read Investment Banker! Under Construction was a GREAT READ! I read a short story last night, then spent all day today reading Unde Construction. I think its great to go back and edit the “flubs” I assume these are missused words or sentences that are spelled correctly but out of order. Although not terrible can be distracting to follow along when you come across a “flub” which I think is a great description of the tiny errors.
    As fas as the scene with Banker, I loved the way their relationship evolved! I didn’t feel it was cheesy in the slightest. I think the comment by reader Ellison James, where he references “Max” he is actually referring to “Alex”.
    On another note, my favorite part of the book, was actually the end. Alex’s ability to recognize and to resolve Max and Cody’s murders, with an “Eye for an Eye” was Awesome! And then to have it recognized as saving tax payers alot of money, was even better! It describes what I feel to be, how Justice should really work!
    Your latest fan!
    Christina Grapp

  7. Nikesha

    That part was one of the best moments in the story the sexual tention between alex n banker was un real and finally it happened dont take it out i loved it i cant wait for book number 2

  8. If I remember the scene correctly, I enjoyed it right up to the point that the (without popping a spoiler) the “girl” was introduced. I don’t know thow. I was so much into the book, the story, and the moment, that I just kept reading-intrigued in some morbid fashion-about just how far Max was willing to go. I most definitely think it has a place in the story. The scene provides a sense of closure for how Banker treated Max earlier in the story. I don’t think it was too cheesy. In fact, I think the scene helps to further develop Max’s character. Good luck as you update the current manuscript and finish the next project. I can’t wait to read “Restricted Access!”