Leap – Look – Flap your arms like mad!

I have to apologize from the bottom of my heart.  I know I promised book two of the Cartel Series, Restricted Access, to be published today, but try and think of it like this…

If I’d invited you to dinner and ended up having to work late, I could do one of two things: rush home to serve you a quick, cold pasta salad – or – offer you a glass of wine and appetizers while you wait for the hot, juicy steak and lobster I originally planned.

I don’t want to give you cold pasta. Cold pasta sucks. In fact, I refuse to give you cold pasta. That being said, the completed, edited book will be published soon, and I promise to make it worth your wait 🙂

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In the mean time, for some wine, I’m going to publish another erotic short story: Dirty Hot Mess. This was the same story included in the recent ‘Fall into Erotica’ anthology featuring myself, Brandie Buckwine, Ellison James, Samantha Whitney, and Nikki Palmer. That anthology is no longer available for download, so I will publish my story separately for anyone who still wishes to read it.

Thanks to everyone for all the awesome encouragement and onward-ho! Promise, I’ll get you the next book SOON (like next month soon)!



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2 responses to “Leap – Look – Flap your arms like mad!

  1. Can’t wait to read the next story! Although, I actually like cold pasta salad. Absolutely love the cover for your story “Dirty Hot Mess.” I’ve downloaded it from Smashwords, and will be sure to leave reviews everywhere you publish it. The best to you this new year.

    • Thanks friend! Believe me, your beta services will be called upon SOON! Thank you in advance of your always thoughtful and insightful reviews. May 2012 bring you happiness and maybe even a little bit of luck 😉