I crack myself up (First Draft excerpt from Restricted Access)

This is where I’m supposed to yell,



I can’t help it. Sometimes I get so tickled, I just need to share it with someone. I mean, where does the shit rolling around in my head come from, really?  Without further discussion (for fear of the answers), I invite you to laugh with me – or at me, whichever you prefer.

(EXCERPT: RESTRICTED ACCESS, Scene – on the run with orphaned infant in Bolivia)

     The baby woke up three times in the long night, and each time my worry grew about the dwindling milk supply. Tomorrow, we’d be on the move again, and with nothing to feed him, Xander was bound to cry and possibly call attention to our location.

On the third feeding, when Fred returned to his post to take watch, I mentioned the issue to him. “I don’t know how long I can make this stretch. I’ve only been feeding him a little at a time, but he’s getting hungry more often.”

“Just do what you can. When you think he’s had enough to settle, pacify him and see if he’ll go back o sleep.”

I snorted. “Pacify him? With what?”

He smiled one of his rare, playful smiles. “God gave them to you for a reason.”

My eyes couldn’t have gotten any wider if he’d danced around naked in front of me. “Uh, isn’t that a little weird? I mean… we just met.”

It sounded stupid, but it was true. The kid had been in my life less than twenty four hours. There was just something wrong about whipping out a boob; it’s not like they could even produce anything.

“I’m sure he won’t mind – I wouldn’t.” His voice was laced with wicked laughter.

“Okay, I never thought I’d say this, but eww. Those two thoughts should never be connected. He nurses on breasts. You, if anything, would suck on tits. Two totally different things: motherly, loving breasts – sexy, spectacular tits. Anything that mixes the two is just perverted and weird.”

“You’d be surprised how many people would disagree. However -” He grabbed my hand, holding it up in front of my face in the predawn glow. “I was actually talking about your fingers. Let him suck on your pinkie.”

My eyes narrowed on his laughing face. “Nu-uh. You said you wouldn’t mind sucking on them. You were not talking about fingers.”

His eyes sank to half mast as he slowly brought my hand to his mouth. Soft warmth surrounded the tip of each finger, tugging at nerve endings I’d forgotten I possessed. The scrape of his teeth on the pad of my pinkie sent a shiver down my spine, to places that immediately perked up and begged for attention.

“Oh god. Alright, I concede the point. I’m the dirty birdie with smut for brains. My mistake. You can stop now.”

He smiled and went back to his post. I’d almost gotten my heart rate back to normal when he claimed the last word. “Sexy and spectacular, huh? I can’t say that I’d mind that either.”


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12 responses to “I crack myself up (First Draft excerpt from Restricted Access)

  1. Adora

    Awesome…love the story line.

  2. Daiea Lee

    I am so excited to read the second book of the cartel series I am seriously going to have to read them both righ after each other!!!! The first one kept me on my toes and im sure the second one will too!!!!

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  4. Lakesha West

    I loved under construction, and cant wait to read restricted access!!!
    You are an awesome writer, I love to read and at 32 have read alot of books, and to me this is up there with some of the heavy hitters…God bless and your love for your craft, smile.

  5. @ Kate, Preston, and Colleen – It’s the little scenes like this that really do it for me 🙂 I’m glad all of you agree. Thanks for the compliments, they absolutely rock my world!

    @ Ellison – Maybe we should plan a cross over – Alex and Lexi take over the world and the wolfpack! haha 😉 And to answer your question, Fred is a background character that comes in half way through book one, but he takes a large step forward in book two. I didn’t plan it; it just sort of happened, but I’m loving it.

    • Yep, thanks for explaining about fred. I thought I had read about him before, but I went back and read “Under Contruction” again anyway, in its entirety. I’m simply chomping at the bit to read your second book. Of course, I’ll help spread the word to make this your breakthrough novel! You so deserve it!

  6. Colleen

    I absolutely love it. I really am looking forward to the entire novel. Of course, I do wish that my after divorce life was half as exciting.

  7. Great scene. I loved it! You know, I just realized that we both have main characters named ‘Alex’ in our two completely different stories. Although I use ‘Alexis’ and ‘Lexi’. Of course, some other characters call her ‘Paulina’ most of the way through the story. That’s where my difficult in writing came in. I struggled to keep from being confusing.

    And hey, have I met fred before? Or is he a new character? Damn, now I gotta go back and read your first story again. No, really, I was just looking for an excuse to read it again anyway.

  8. Preston

    Read it through a few times and I must write. Very cool scene. Thank you.

  9. Kate

    Loved it! I’m dying for this book, I read Under Construction in barely a few hrs. So excited your books are fantastic!!!!