Because I CARE, dammit!

My current facebook post:

“GAH! Two hours later – after rewriting and editing what I wrote the last time I made myself sit and write for two hours (and because I can’t just leave it alone like I used to) – I have 352   f#@*ing  words to show for the night. And now I’m out of time and a month and a half behind schedule. 
WTF dude, really. 
Alright, enough negativity. As per the great voices in my group – all is well as long as they are the RIGHT words, so yeah. I’m okay. We’re okay. Publish date, whenever it may end up, is okay. (disgusted sigh)”

Why am I sharing this here? Because I don’t want you to think I’m just lolly-gagging around, not giving a damn. I hear your compliments and your excitement and it humbles me beyond words. I want this book to live up to your expectations. I want to be a better writer, a better story teller. I want you to read and be taken away to a place you never want to leave. And yes, dammit, I WANT to finish – finish strong.

So thank you for your continued patience. I know your life doesn’t hang on this book, but in some ways, I feel like mine does and I need it to be right, because I care.


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3 responses to “Because I CARE, dammit!

  1. Katie

    I would rather wait for a good book then be disappointed by a bad one. Your first book makes waiting well worth it. Keep striving your book is gonna be fantastic.

  2. Whew, thank goodness you finally posted. I beginning to wonder if maybe I should be calling in the rescue squad. I was starting to think I’d better start rounding up the dogs, and go look for some old shirt of yours they could sniff, in hopes of setting them loose to find you.

    Hey you, don’t worry so much about making some made up completion date. Write from your heart and I’m sure your work will meet and surpass all expectations. You had me at the first book. I’m willing to wait for the next-no pressure. Just enjoy the process, and know all your readers will enjoy the experience of reading your work as much as you’ve enjoyed writing it.

    • Ellison, words escape me. You’re quite simply the best. Thank you, seriously. HUGS, love ya. (And send me something to read! I need something to do when I’m supposed to be working! Lol)

      Summer E. – Sent from mobile G2