I don’t like it – SO YOU CAN’T EITHER.

My Stand on the whole issue in the self publishing world between PayPal, Smashwords, and Erotica Authors :

Just because I don’t like the  – lawful, but morally degrading – content of someone else’s work, doesn’t mean I have the right to tell them not to write it, or you not to read it. If a particular vendor (Paypal) doesn’t want their brand/name associated with it, fine – but don’t hide behind a wash of crap about legal issues. If I were to put it into a letter, it would go something like this…

Dear Morally Intolerant Yet Suspiciously Vague PayPal Nazis –

If you don’t like it, don’t read it – I don’t  (and I came to that decision all by myself, without your censorship.) However, since you like to read so much, I have a great suggestion… it’s called the Bill of Rights, and it includes all the building blocks for a strong, independent society of people.

ALSO! Let’s get one thing straight. Only individual publications containing ‘unlawful’ content should be penalized based on the explanation of ‘possible legal implications.’

Now, yes, if you want to tell the truth – that you just don’t want your company to be associated with that ‘type’ of content, because you think it’s wrong and disgusting – I’d be glad to accept that explanation in lieu of all the lies and bullshit. Just say, this is my company, and we don’t do that. Fine. Cool. You’re American too, you can totally make that call.

Just stop trying to choke out a whole genre based on your personal moral standards, because eventually your censorship will cause a whole world of blond, blue-eyed fiction so inbred as to have no hope of higher brain function.

Someone this issue doesn’t effect (yet) but is still pissed off at the very thought that my ‘banker’ would try to take away my right as an American citizen to make decisions based on my own moral compass.





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3 responses to “I don’t like it – SO YOU CAN’T EITHER.

  1. Okay, I’ll say it. I’m a writer who misspelled ‘write’. Sad, but true. I’ve seen the error of my ways and made amends – just don’t tell Michael Marshall, LOL

    (for the non writers- a notoriously blunt individual, evil in the best of ways, who just so happens to be ‘that damn good’. He’s been known to inspire a Stockholm-Sydrome-like effect, because even as you cringe against his critique, you can’t deny the authority of his words or the desire to claim his approval the next go-around.)

  2. Excellent article! I agree that it would be much easier if they just came out and said ‘it’s a private company and we will choose what we will allow’ but it is completely wrong to try to hide behind a mountain of bulshit and a forest of lies.

    I’m still waiting for them to decline sales of the twilight series since many equate the ongoing underaged unrequited (until that last book) love affair and pent up sexual desire for both a shiny vampire and a Native American wolf to represent necrophilia and beastiality.

    And while they’re at it they should stop selling copies of Lolita, and many books by Piers Anthony because they smell of pedophilia.

    Oh, wait … they’d lose sales, and money if they did that.