Restricted Access is now available at

It’s been a long time coming – Mea maxima culpa, my friends. I’m sorry! 
However, Restricted Access, the second book in the cartel series is finally here. I’ve emailed all subscribers with a coupon code, if you’ve not received it, please let me know – I did get a few emails returned.
A quick pleaplease, if you enjoy the book, say so. Tell your friends, post it on your blogs, leave comments on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, the iTunes store, wherever you come across it. Ten words from you can change my world. Thank you for being so great! I can’t wait to see what you think…

PS – Under Construction has also been revamped, and is still available for free download, just FYI.


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7 responses to “Restricted Access is now available at

  1. Lanie

    I stumbled on your first book on amazon today and have devoured both in your series already. You have become a favorite for life and I will be telling friends. I am also inspired by your personal story and want to say good for you for doing what you love. Maybe I’ll write down that story I’ve drafted in my head for so many years. I can’t wait for more…get to writing!

    -A fan

  2. Kate

    OMG! I loved it, I’m so ready to see what’s coming from this point on. Your fantastic story has made my day for book faves! Absolutely loved it!!!!!!! I’m so hoping you have started on book 3 .

  3. Leatha

    I enjoyed ” Under Construction”! Looking forward to reading Restricted Access.

  4. Woo hoo! Congrats, girl! 😀

  5. I’ll be getting a copy for my nook, for sure!