We have lift off (update on previous ‘I may have spoken too soon…’ post)

Update on this post: For anyone still waiting to download the book  – it’s debugged. I hope you enjoy!



Ugh! I may have spoken too soon… Somewhere between my computer and smashwords publishing there is a glitch. Sorry if you’ve gotten a corrupted download. (although, it could be user error. After all, my ‘friend’ did send out the coupon code using the wrong email account. oops – haha) My document, with all the cheaters showing, indicates no errors. Ne extra lines, paragraphs, spaces, etc.

Regardless, I will be reformatting tonight, and hopefully uploading a new and improved document by morning.


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4 responses to “We have lift off (update on previous ‘I may have spoken too soon…’ post)

  1. Tlulu


    Get off your ass- back, husband
    Go on! Out of that bed, couch whatever

    stop reading all those other freebie Novels from kindle, smash mouth – Whatever!
    And finish this series!

    It felt like a waste of time and very bloody unrealistic with the setup of Banker and those cards and the different scenarios- I was screaming at the page and saying “oh please!!!!, what the crap!”

    But loved how Banker took her outside her house. Oh my goodness!

    Alex and Eleiana in the Change rooms in Rio? yum
    I wonder what it says about me?

    Not so much Cale-

    And no chat or dialogue from Cash! When his baby girl died?

    Seriously, don’t leave me here waiting for Cale and Fred and Banker to get it together to save her
    And that Baby- so exciting

    When when when!

    I’m hanging—-
    I do not want to go looking for a fix in other books
    I have devoured them first two only to read your confession that you don’t do deadlines-
    I’ve enjoyed- get it finished
    And thank you

    Perhaps I’ll have to make my on ending?

    Loving it sis – thank you

  2. Kirstie

    i found “Under Construction” to be quite amazing and a complete thrill from start to finish. I can’t wait to read “Restricted Access”!

  3. Bummer. I’ll sit back down and patiently wait.