Now available on Amazon Kindle…

Just an update, I’ve published both Cartel Series books to the Amazon Kindle Bookstore. (YAY!) Both books have also been approved for premium distribution from Smashwords, and should also be showing up at Barnes and Noble, The iBookstore, etc. in the next two weeks. Red tape, gotta love it, right?

To all that have left wonderful reviews, thank you so much. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ten words from you can change my world, so please keep those reviews coming.

(And I’m not above begging, so *pretty please with a cherry-bomb on top* put in a good word on Amazon for me. If you’re an Amazon customer already, it doesn’t cost anything but a few seconds of your time to leave a review there. Thanks so much!)




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5 responses to “Now available on Amazon Kindle…

  1. I just receently srarted readng, Im 50 and work security, 3rd shift, Its a whole new world. Ive read everything , Twilight, Fifty shades, Hunger Games, , I was checkng to see if the you had written a book 3 to the Carte seriies, l only have 2 chapters left. These books are better than any of those. Great job.I don’t want them to end.

  2. Glenna McGregor

    I love the cartel series!!!! Can’t wait for the new one. I would rush around the house trying to get all my crap done so I could hurry back to the book. I love the charecters all of them. I hope the girls & cash are safe.
    Looking forward to reading more of your books. These were the first 2 for me but you can bet your ass I’ll be reading more of them 🙂
    Happy writing

  3. kristi

    The sample I read was totally awesome thank you

  4. I’m so glad for you! I’ll be sure to get my copies for nook soon, and post reviews. Oh, and thanks so much for the mention in your biography. I’m honored and touched. Truth is, you’ve helped me probably as much as I helped you.

    • I heart you, and that’s all there is to it. PS. I’m still working on your edits (I haven’t forgotten, I swear). It shouldn’t be too much longer and we’ll be promoting your new story.

      FOR EVERYONE ELSE READING THIS: Ellison James is a wonderful writer, be sure to check out Lovestruck Succubus. And coming soon – Lexi’s Run. It’s seriously great!