Let the people be heard!

So okay, you’ve probably had time to read Restricted Access. I’ve gotten a variety of reactions from people who’ve taken the time to email me – but, here’s the fingernail in the plum sauce:

I can’t give you what you want if you don’t talk to me.

Of the 260+ books I gave away, I’ve only had handfull of reviews. That tells me either (A) you hated it or (B) the jury is still out, and you’re waiting to see what happens next – and that’s totally okay, but it comes down to the fact that I’m here to entertain you.

 I don’t want to send a juggler to do a fire-breather’s job, so you’ve got to tell me what you want…

I’ll always try and keep you on your toes, and I may not accomodate everything, but I really want to know what you think. Leave the old adage about not having anything nice to say behind, and post a comment below telling me what you loved, hated, what pissed you off, excited you, etc.


(P.S. – To those of you that took time to leave a review – thank you so much! You’re more wonderful than I can express, and I appreciate every star and every word you put out there.)


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24 responses to “Let the people be heard!

  1. Jess

    I just read both books in one day and loved them! At the end of Restricted Access I said a few choice words when I realised I’d reached the last page. Darn you!!!
    I really don’t like Cale. The sweet/loving side doesn’t seem to outweigh the asshole/controlling side of him. He wants his empire and gets shitty when Alex reminds him of his promises of reform. It’s as if he doesn’t really want to change anything. But hey, that’s just my view of him.
    I love Banker. He always seemed to just be there when she needed him. I definitely think Alex should end up with him. Or maybe even she should just be by herself? After all the drama she’s gone through maybe she just needs to realise she’s strong enough without the ex husband and numerous love interests and she can be happy with her baby.
    Speaking of baby Alexander, I was a bit confused about that storyline. Did I misread that she can’t have children? That seemed like it was bit glossed over and completely skipped. Or maybe I just was reading too fast! Other than wanting to provide a better life for him, was she so concerned with keeping him because she thought it might be her one shot at being a mother? Did Cale try to crap all over that opportunity? Does Cale know she can’t have kids? Would he have reacted the way he did if he knew she couldn’t have kids? Did she plan to adopt kids all along? She tells Elaina that she could imagine herself with Cale and their children.
    EIther way, I couldn’t put either books down and I think you’ve done a fantastic job!! I can’t wait to read the final book.

    • Jess

      I just wanted to add – these books are funny! Not constantly funny but every now and then you sneak something in that made me laugh out loud. You keep just the right balance and tone throughout the books

    • Wow, where to start? haha… First off, thanks!

      The funny thing is, I love and hate parts of everyone of the people in these books, but I think (hope) that those flaws and annoying quirks keep them true to life. The perfect man isn’t always available and the available man isn’t always perfect, but we’re women and we love them anyway.

      As for the deeper aspects of the stories, like not being able to have kids, I don’t always dwell on them initially. I may bring them back into the story later, or it may just be a side point that the character (like a real person) doesn’t feel comfortable talking about and therefore pushes to the back of their minds. Alex knows adoption was always an option and dreams of having several children, but like most of us, things have come upon her faster than she can keep up with – she’s just trying to keep her head from spinning off her shoulders as she tries to adjust.

      Anyway, I hope that gives you a little more insight into the story and I’m so happy you had fun reading them. That’s always my main goal. Thank you for the compliments and I can’t wait to FINISH the final book and find out what you think 🙂

  2. Nancy

    Just finished under construction. Oh my – luved it! Can’t wait to download the 2nd one Do hope Banker ends up being her one & only. Like his tuf guy kick ass attitude.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. laurie

    It was a great sequel and your writing keeps getting better. I’ll be honest, I picked the first book for the erotica and missed it in this one. That won’t stop me from reading the next though, and anything else you should write. Good job, girl!

    • You know, I got a little burned out on the erotica genre, and so this last book was a little light on the naughtiness. I’ll try and do better for Dead End – Thanks for the constructive feedback 🙂

  4. angela

    I must say I love what you have written. This is only my second set of books I have read (the first being fifty shades set) in my life I’m not a reader lol. But I can tell you that you have mad my nights more injoyable. I think you have done an awasome job with this book. I love all the character’s and hope they all are in at the end of book three. If its sex your readers are after you could make her marry “the bad guy ” and have wild outrageous sex with the other (three) lol just saying. . keep up the good work I’m hooked.

  5. Kirstie

    I haven’t gotten the chance to read Restricted Access quite yet. i’m re-reading Under Construction but as usual have e-reader issues with programs

  6. Pg

    Loved the story and couldn’t put it down. Lets bear in mind that it was a long time since id read the first one but the characters have been built so well that I recalled them within a page or two. A little disappointed with the lack of smut but I like the tension that’s been built. Looking forward to the next one.

  7. Thanks so much for the kind words.

    I’ve heard several people say they were disappointed in the lack of action in this book. (I’m assuming they mean sexually, because between the murders, attacks, babies being born, etc., I can’ t imagine they meant the action was lacking in Alex’s life.)

    And of course, many people were disappointed that Banker didn’t play a larger roll in this book. (Don’t worry, in the overall outline for the series, Banker plays a HUGE roll in the last book.)

    Are there other issues you feel I need to address in Book Three?

  8. Amy

    Loved this book. Read it from beginning to end in lieu of sleep. Can’t wait for book 3

  9. Berenice

    I loved Restricted access! thank you Summer Ellis for writing such an awesome book, I cann’t wait for Dead end book 3, I’m team Banker!!
    I would have purchased the book in a heartbeat, thank you for giving me the freedownload coupon.