Social Smocial and Bah Hum – Huh?

So I’ll be honest… I HATED FACEBOOK when it first arrived on the social media scene. And say what you want about the rest of them (Twitter, Pintrest, Youtube, Google+, etc), but good or bad, it takes a lot to get me excited about online media sites anymore…this is a lot.

Like Eric Church says, “Funny how a melody sounds like a memory…” On the NEW Myspace, not only can you connect socially,  share pics, and create playlists – you can create “Mixes” (like albums) wherein you can share a set of event pictures  and create a playlist for that particular event.

Too cool. CHECK IT OUT (click picture link):


If you’re interested, I found this YAHOO! article today which pointed me to the New Myspace. (It explains some of the new changes better than I can.)



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  1. Samantha Robinson

    I absolutely love your books !!!! I think your an amazing creative author !!! Is Fred really dead no that just can’t be, I would be so sad I am so curious to find out what happens next . I am sorry it took me awhile to leave my feed back however I was just able to finish it ya know how it is with a busy schedule . I am dedicated to reading everything you have written I love your short erotic stories ( They Are Hottt ) by the way .. I hope this is going to you directly I really want you to know how truly well you can write I feel like I personally know the characters or would want to be them ….. Your awesome Summer .. Thank you