Casting Call…

What to writers do when they can’t write?

They daydream about Hollywood producers tripping over each other to make their book into a movie… Seriously. Any writer who tries to tell you they don’t care about success is full of shit.

So anyway, I was at work today, totally ignoring the files on my desk, pondering the really critical question… who should play Banker?!  (This is super important. I’ll be the first to say I was totally bummed with some of the choices made on the ‘One for the Money’ movie earlier this year. Ranger, oh poor Ranger – they killed him.)

I have a few ideas, but I’m curious  what you think – if I was able to pick my own cast for the Cartel Series movie, who should I cast in the lead roles?

Comment below (for all the characters, not just the ever-favorite Banker) and I’ll post the casting ‘call-backs’ next week, along with a juicy sneak peek from Restricted Access – whoo hoo, it’ll be here before you know it!


PS. Here’s a list of character descriptions from the books as a reminder. Don’t forget, hair and eye color can be changed – so don’t get too hung up on that stuff…


Alex – medium height and weight with a cute face, full breasts, and a plump ass (dark hair)

Max – petite, girl-next-door type with freckles and a great ass (brunette-ish)

Cody –  willowy and statuesque, unfairly beautiful with blond hair and lavender eyes that tilted at corners (almost fey or other worldly looking, fairy-like)

Banker – deep voice, big guy with light brown skin, solid muscle, and wide shoulders. Stunning to look at but not conventionally so, with pouty lips and bicolored eyes

Cale – tall and sexy, with a cute butt and wide ‘offensive lineman’ shoulders (dark hair)

Fred – big man at six half feet tall, sexy but not gorgeous, (sandy blond hair)

Elaina – petite with compactly muscled build (dark hair and eyes)

Victor Belarus – lean and just under six feet tall, with salt and pepper hair and a charming but compelling air about him




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5 responses to “Casting Call…

  1. Liz M

    While reading, I pictured Elaina as Michelle Rodriguez. She may be a little older than the character, but the right ‘type’. As for Banker and Fred, I have such a perfect, sexy picture of them in my head…I don’t know who would fit. I really enjoyed the books – fairly quick reads and I’m thoroughly invested in the characters. When is the third book due to be released? I’m big into immediate gratification. 🙂

  2. Stephanie W

    Whilst reading, I always pictured Cale as looking exactly like Aidan (john corbett) from SATC but rougher around the edges….. Banker would have to be Jason Statham but if he can’t do it maybe Vin Diesel?

  3. Molly

    For Cody, I was thinking Teresa Palmer or Dianna Agron, or even Blake Lively (although I’m not sure Blake could pull off the elegance that Cody seems to posses)
    For Max, Ashley Greene would work.
    For Alex, Jennifer Lawrence, maybe?
    For Cale, either Chris Evens or Adam Levine, maybe?
    Banker, I think Liam Hemsworth (tho maybe he is too young (: and not tan enough…. yet) or Michael Pena (who is getting too old now, but he has the complexion and darkness about him)
    Victor, I would say George Clooney, possibly.

    Glad to see you are posting again (I just checked this site LAST NIGHT after I finished reading the first book. On to number 2 now, will probably finish by tomorrow – 18 month old running around so I only get to read at night 🙂 ).

  4. I’m not sure who I would pick for any of the characters. I’ve never really remember names but now you’ve got me thinking about it. I think I’ll have to have myself a little movie marathon and see if I can come up with a cast of characters. On another note. I was surprised at the cast of the movie “One for the Money” but after seeing it, was okay with Katherine Heigl (?) playing Stephanie Plum. Of course, if your story ever was made into a movie, they would probably cast Tom Cruise in there somewhere. He seems to get into movies I’d never expect him in. All those Jack Reacher books by Lee Child that I like to read are ruined for me now because I found out that Tom Cruise was cast to play reacher in the movie coming out on December 21st. I mean, come on. Jack Reacher is about six foot-five. How are they going to add that kind of height to Cruise, Computer enhancement? Anyway, glade to see you back posting.

    • LMAO, Ell – Bite your tongue! Tom Cruise has no place in my movie!

      You’re right though, Katherine was great in One for the Money, and I even liked the guy they chose for Joe after seeing his performance. Ranger though, who is by far the biggest supporting character in the books, needed to be more… I don’t know – just more. They guy they cast, while pretty to look at, just didn’t portray the hard/tough/dangerous/mysterious-ness that Ranger was supposed to be about (especially in the first few books.)
      I’ll never understand why producers stray so far – look how many James Bonds they had before they finally cast someone like Daniel Craig to fulfill the original character’s setup.

      We’ll have to see what people come up with…