Read this while you wait – TOO FUNNY!

So, my sweetheart and I were… um, doing research, and I came across this blog post. I don’t know if this woman is still writing, but I was literally crying from laughing so hard! Check it out… Lady-like Perverts “BenWa Balls”




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3 responses to “Read this while you wait – TOO FUNNY!

  1. Amanda

    Waiting impatiently for dead end!!

  2. That was too funny. The post is so … matter-of-fact that I just had to laugh. Having no personal experience with such items, I had always assumed that they clanked together inside sending pleasurable feelings from the vibrations. But now that I think about it, how would they clank? Unless it’s extraordinarily roomy in there, and then I doubt one would feel such sensations anyway.

    On another note. It’s great to see your post. I was beginning to worry that maybe you’d been swollowed up by some vortex, or got caught behind enemy lines while spying on another cartel, and were lost to the world. Glad to know you’re still around. You’re missed.

  3. Faith

    That was HILARIOUS!!!!!! I couldn’t stop laughing either! My husband was on a conference call and looking at me like I’d lost my mind. Thanks for the good laugh on a friday!