Okay, okay, okay! Dead End will be published…


Gee-Whiz! Give a poor, neurotic girl a break here – you people are out for blood! (I knew I liked you for a reason. haha)

I will give you a hint… DEAD END WILL BE PUBLISHED THIS WEEK! I’m finishing my last batch of edits after receiving feedback from several proofreaders, but you will have a book before the weekend. (And it won’t be six months late this time!!!)

THANK YOU for sticking in there with me, THANK YOU for always leaving amazing reviews and comments, and THANK YOU for making this crazy idea I had – that I might actually be able to write books – a reality.

You guys rock so hard, they shut down the stadium on you.





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16 responses to “Okay, okay, okay! Dead End will be published…

  1. Sara

    Omg I can’t wait!!!! I read ur first two book twice already! I think I’ll read them one one time before Dead End is out! So sad it is the last one. I hope to read more like them! Hint, Hint!

  2. Heather

    I’m so excited! Can’t wait to read Dead End! Love this series!!!!

  3. Ree

    Omg I can’t wait!!!!….but does this have to be the last one??:( excited but sad

  4. I can’t wait. I know this will be the best one yet! Holy smokes, your fans are going to freak out when they read this. Just put your seatbelts on folks because it’s HOT and DANGEROUS out there.