Tonight is the night!

I said it would be LATE February, didn’t I? How much later can you get, right?

Anyway! I’m very excited to announce… rat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a-tat-a (That’s my drum-roll for those of you who couldn’t figure out what the hell i was doing…)


Dead End Cover

It is available immediately at

It is still pending review for distribution on Amazon, but should be available sometime tomorrow morning. Hopefully, soon after that, it will distribute to Barnes and Noble, ibooks, etc. (I will update links on the “Available Books” page as each format is distributed.)

I hope with all my heart that you enjoy! Remember to leave me a review and tell me what you think (even if you hate it)…



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6 responses to “Tonight is the night!

  1. Natalie

    Love, love, love this series!!!! This book was equally as awesome as the other two in the series. Please tell me there will be a 4th book?

    • Yes, ma’am! 🙂 I will be continuing the series, but the next book will be delayed a bit (probably until around this time next year). And before you yell at me, let me explain… just like being cooped up with someone you love 24-7 can make you a little crazy, sometimes a writer needs a break from her series characters so she doesn’t end up killing them all off in a fiery inferno of never ending death! After you share that much mental space with them for years at a time, you start acting a little nuts so, for the sake of the series, I’m on a short sabbatical. lol

      Thanks for the love! Be sure to check back in a month or two to get updates on another book I’m going to be writing in the meantime.

      • Natalie

        Thank you for the reply, and totally understandable. Although I hate to wait I look forward to having a reason to read all the books again. Also looking forward to your new book 🙂

  2. I came, I saw, I shared. I’m so excited for you. Please don’t be mad at me while I live vicariously through you on your rise to fame. I think this story is going to be your break out!

  3. Adelle

    Yay! I’ve been checking in everyday! Thank you for your clever writings and exciting page turners.