Update: Dead End is LIVE on Amazon

Just a quick note for the Kindle-readers…

DEAD END on Amazon (U.S.A)

DEAD END on Amazon (U.K.)


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6 responses to “Update: Dead End is LIVE on Amazon

  1. Haven’t read it yet since I just downloaded it but I am a bit dissappointed that it is only 137 pages! I like to read and prefer well developed stories. Don’t let people’s eagerness for a new book rush your creativity. Churning out books quickly doesn’t always make them good. I’ll let you know what I think of the story after I read it. Sorry to complain; I bet you get the other end too…it’s too long…lol

  2. Will Dead End be published at Barnes and Noble for the nook? I’m patiently waiting and looking for it everyday there so I can download and carry it with me. Do I have to buy a Kindle?

    Also, I feel the pain and joy on both sides of the ‘fourth book’ dilemma here. I think that many authors are prompted to continue a series from fans when they did not originally plan for it. I actually wrote a spin-off of my first book using minor characters because of fan requests. Unfortunately, I think I regret it now since my second (third) book has since been delayed. Of course, my first story has not achieved the popularity of yours, so it does make it more difficult to continue.

    I would hope that you would just keep writing as long as it remains enjoyable for you. You have a talent for storytelling.

    • Yes, but apparently I missed the distribution window for this week, so DE will be on Nook either Thursday or Friday. Whenever they ship it out. (I always forget how slow Smashwords can be…)

      I love your stories, Ellison. I think you just need to be true to yourself, because when you let yourself have fun with it, your books take on this amazing creativeness and originality that most writers these days don’t seem to possess.

  3. maria

    Well I am really ticked off!!! I was led to believe that Dead End was the final book! I do like the series and enjoyed reading the books but if I would have know it was going to go on and on like a soap opera then I would of never began to read the first book then to make it worse the fourth book won’t be out until 2014!!! Really are freaking kidding me!! It gets on my nerves when authors do this if I was led to believe this is the final book then it should of been do not wait to inform the reader at the very end of the book that there is a fourth book but not till next year because your taking a break from it to do other things WTF!!

    • Okay, so forgive me if I laugh a little…
      On the one hand, I totally agree and understand – I go nuts waiting on the next book in my favorite series! (for example: Poison Princess, by Kresley Cole) Most of my favorite authors only put out a single book per year and the wait sucks!!!
      On the other hand, I extended this one based on the number of emails and comments I got from people saying they didn’t want it to end… so, I guess I’ll just say thank you for enjoying the books and I’m sorry you’re pissed – such is the nature of a series. Hope you’ll be back for my other books to come – both Cartel Series and otherwise.

      • Thank you Summer for listening to your fans. I FOR ONE LOVE THAT THE SERIES WILL CONTINUE. I asked for it and got it. Thanks again!!!!!!!!! True fan.