The suspense is killing me!

Okay, I’ve waited a whole week (longest-week-ever!) to ask… What did you think??? Loved it, hated it, disappointed, excited? Leave me a comment or review to tell me your thoughts 😉

Happy Saturday, everyone!


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24 responses to “The suspense is killing me!

  1. Angie

    I really enjoyed the series, the characters really evolved over the three books which is what should occur any given series. It was a little sad to see the heartless wedding in the third book, however I cannot wait for the fourth book to be released! Thanks for your hard work, and it was a pleasure to read your work!

  2. Leslie

    Loved it and I agree, too short! Give us more girl! Can’t wait!

  3. Anna

    Love this series and am sooooo glad there will be another! I would really LOVE to see the next book this year — 2014 seems like forever to wait. Also, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Calen and would like to see him a larger focus in the next book. Please! If she (ok, me) had to choose a “forever”, it needs to be Calen! Waiting with baited breath for the next book!

  4. Megan

    I loved it even though I do agree that it was too short! I’m so happy that you decided to continue on with the series. I will be again, not so patiently waiting for the next book!