What a way to go…


Okay, so things are going well in the world of duel-project-writing (knock on wood)…

I’m happy to say Average Jill is just cresting the hilltop. She should be barreling down to the finish line and ready for edits by mid July. (Happy dance!)

Even more exciting, thanks to a friendly critique, I have a definite direction for One Way (no pun intended). I’ve come up with a grand idea to get me out of the corner I’d written myself into, but I’m still undecided on the method to carry out my plans. I won’t give you details, but I will say someone is going to die… for real this time.

(I know, right? I can practically hear you gasping in delicious horror and suspense! Who will it be? Surely she wouldn’t kill off HIM??? Mua-ha-ha!)

The best part? You’re going to decide how they go!

The winning method will be revealed next month when I post first look excerpts from the book, so be sure to cast your vote below or leave me a comment. (You can’t see me, but I’m rubbing my hands in excitement!)

Happy voting!



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2 responses to “What a way to go…

  1. What I think is … why is “death by chocolate” not an option? Otherwise, I guess I’d most likely go from a heroic bomb detonation.