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So… I just realized I’m a moron. I updated the bonus content and forgot to post an undated blog about it. (In my defense, I’m working three jobs: Secretary by day, Graphic Web Design by evening-ish, and Writer by frantic night! lol)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these new “Interviews with the Entourage” for Elaina, Max and Cody.

And!!! Next is the interview I know most of you have been waiting on: Banker! I’m accepting questions now through Sept.27th, so post a comment below or email me at: I will do my very best to address everyone’s questions in the interview to be posted on Monday, Sept 30th (because Lawd knows we need something to brighten our Mondays with!)

Here’s to a great weekend everyone – Happy (almost) Friday!


Still have questions for these characters? I’ll be following up the entourage interviews with a group sit-down. It’s sure to be exciting, so leave me a comment or question, or email me at


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2 responses to “More Interviews

  1. Angela

    When is the last book in cartel series going to be released??

    • LOL, I’m glad you’re excited for it! I promise it will be the best book of the series… I promise it will be on time… and I promise that you will be the first to know when I set a release date. Until then, I can tell you Average Jill is slated to be released around Thanksgiving and I’m hoping to release One Way within the next six months as well.