If you Love Something, Set it Free…

set it free

“… if it comes back, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, hunt it down and kill it.” – anonymous

Okay, so obviously I like to kill things. 😉

But I don’t want to kill your enthusiasm. And I don’t want to write books that just give you a few minutes distraction from your day. I want to write things that make you say, “Fuck my day! I can’t put this book down.” Because you deserve it. You’re amazing.

I could sit here and blow smoke up your ass about how awesome the latest book was – but I’d rather give honesty and get it back in return. Out of the 800+ contest entries, less than 200 people bought ONE WAY and only a handful have said a peep about it. There’s a reason. You just have to tell me what it is.

When I say 10 words from you can change my world – I don’t just mean the glowing reviews. I’d rather learn from my mistakes and come back with a kick-ass book that makes you scream, “Hell yes!”  And my promise to you is that I will take your words and learn from them.

So… If you have time, just a few moments really, lay into me. I have a plenty of thick skin, so feel free to tear it apart. Tell me how I can make your next book even more kick-ass. Comment, facebook me, review, or even email – whatever is most convenient for you.

I would really appreciate it.


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23 responses to “If you Love Something, Set it Free…

  1. Kay

    I loved the Cartel series, but I was disappointed in the last one. I so wanted her to be with Banker. I was really surprised by the ending. Hummmn!! Will there another one??? Even though I was disappointed in the ending I still loved them and enjoyed reading them.

    • Oh, but she was with Banker… and the others. Lol. Just kidding. That seems to be the general consensus, Kay. I guess I’m just going to have to learn to reign it in a little on the polyamory thing. Maybe. Most likely. Meh. Lmao 😉 Thank you for the feedback. I’m going to work on my delivery and get it tip-top!