Here’s the thing – I kill people. Okay, not really…No, really! I promise I don’t. I just like to think about it. A lot. Almost as much as I like to read smutty romance novels. (Hi, my name is Summer and I’m an addict.)

I’m just like you, though – a regular person. I’m married, no children yet, and I live in a small town on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

I had no reason to believe I could write novels – credentials: zip, experience: nada – but somehow I’m managing to form something I love into something other people seem to love… Killing people. Uh, I mean stories about killing people. And smutty romance.

With enthusiasm to spare and half-decent grammar skills, I’m focusing on learning to write well. My pace could use some work, and my delivery is really crappy, but I’m writing. It’s enough for now. The rest will come.

I’m a little shaky with the tweets but I love hearing from readers, so drop me a line some time!


Thank you again for your support!