Interview: Banker

Interview with the Entourage: “You can call me Bob.”

Bob?! You are so funny!

Okay, I recognize this game, so I’ll just introduce you myself. Your name is Nathanial King, aka ‘Banker’. You work as a freelance operative for a federal agency – if you told us which one, you’d have to kill us – and rumor has it you’re a Capricorn.

Ooh lala, sir, where should we start?

Where do you want to start? *grins*

I’ll be ladylike and say your eyes – chocolate with a star-burst of green to one side, the other completely green. They are amazing and kind of make me think of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Amazing, huh? You should see my dick.

Sweet Jesus! I can tell, it’s going to be one of those interviews. *laughing*

Seriously though, I appreciate you showing up and, although I know you won’t answer some of the questions I really want to ask, I’m hoping you’ll still give us a little taste of your viewpoint on a few things?

*actually laughs* Sure. I’ll give you a taste.

Damn. I just walked into that one, too, didn’t I? Um, okay, I’m just going to start with some questions from the readers and then run through the basic profile questions.

Olli3 wants to know why you wanted Alex to think you were going to rape her when you first met… which I have to admit, I thought was kind of a dick-move.

Originally, when Cash informed me that Alex was going into business with our target – who was at the time, Victor Belarus – the plan was to intimidate her into cooperating with me without breaking my cover. I didn’t expect her to get any kind of a thrill from it, and actually kind of felt like shit when I burned her in the shower, but she fucking gave it right back. I’ve been a devoted fan ever since.

Hold up. You finger-banged her over the bathroom counter… I’d say that went a little beyond intimidation. Do all operatives work like you do, because I’m pretty sure you violated, like, all of her rights. Twice.

I’ll admit it went too far… but I’d do it again. *shrugs* And she’d probably let me.

Okay then. Well, Lacey from Albany GA wants to know if you’re really just using Alex for sex, or if you secretly love her?

It’s complicated.

… That’s it?

That’s it.

Jeez. Thanks for really opening up there. I tell you what, this one’s not so personal. Our friend Misty is looking for a pet and wants to know where you got Bob Barker and his girl-friend Penelope from.

I actually can’t tell you that.

What the hell? I thought that was an easy one. Why not?

I was in a hurry. I didn’t exactly buy them from the breeder.

You stole puppies? What kind of a maniac steals puppies?

A busy one… I’m sure Misty can research a good breeder in her area, but I’d go for a rescue myself. A lot of big dogs get abandoned when they outgrow the furniture. 

Awww. I’d be totally melting over that animal lover bit if I wasn’t still stuck on the whole puppy-snatching thing. Let’s just move on to the profile questions, shall we?


Working out. Sex. Shooting.


A girl who can take it all.

Oh really? We’ve heard some rumors… just what is your favorite thing to do in bed?

It’s not about what, but who, and doing whatever it takes to make her come undone. The more it takes, the higher she climbs on the ‘favorite’ list.

And we all know who tops that list.

Hell yeah. Bianca.

Wait, what? I meant Alex.

Alex is fun. But Bianca was a legend. Just ask Elaina.

Oh. My. God … okay, I have to ask, before we go on. What’s up with that? And by what’s up with that, I mean: 1) Are you really into Alex or not? and 2) Alex, aside, Elaina – we need details on that.

Am I into Alex. Really? *shakes his head in disbelief*

Yeah, I’m into Alex, but she has to make decisions, too. I’m not going to get all weepy over a girl who can’t make up her fucking mind.

Yeah, speaking of that, what’s going on with the case? Do you finally have enough evidence to take Calen Belarus out or not?

*just smiles and shrugs*

Hmmm, loose lips and ships, huh? Ok, what about the second part of that question. Please. We need sordid details about playtime with Elaina. That chick is hot.

You think so? You’re just her type, too. Maybe you and I should give her a call after we’re finished here.

And what would that involve – exactly?

*grins* I’m sure if you think about it hard enough, you can come up with a general idea – which should be accurate … to a point.

And beyond that point?

You’ve got a dirty mind. I’ll let you use your imagination.

Wow. Okay. Um, next question… Turn-offs?

Milk toast.

Is that even a thing? What does that mean?

Milk toast is someone who is too soft from absorbing all the shit around them.

Oh. Makes sense… Damn, we’re out of time. I didn’t even get the scoop on your favorites, like Movies, Music, Food.  Or the mandatory ‘three wishes’ question!

We can talk about it later *shrugs, flashing a grin* when we meet up with Elaina.

Actually, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I’m kind of like regular toast: not really soggy, but you know, I’m still toast.

Too bad. *winks and walks out the door*

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