Interview: Elaina

Interview with the Entourage: “1st Lt. Elaina Ibiz Veracruz”

First off, what do I call you – Lieutenant? Ms. Veracruz?

Just Elaina is fine. I’m not in the military any more.

But you do work with the same federal agencies that Nathanial King (aka Banker) does?

Not exactly. I owe him a favor or three, so when he asked me to shadow Alex, I did. Of course, now it’s a different story. As a friend, you could say I have a vested interest in her future as well, so I stick around. Between Nathanial and I, we should be able to keep her alive, and hopefully out of jail.

Okay, Elaina. You’re our girl on the inside. What is your take on all of this?

My take? They’re all crazy – but then, that’s what love does, right? Makes you crazy.

What about your love life?

What about it?

You’re a sexy woman, and you  and Alex obviously have chemistry together. Why haven’t you tried to win her over?

*laughs* There are too many fish in that bowl. All they do is swim around and around. I’m the complete opposite of Banker. If I were looking for someone to get serious with, I think I’d probably look for someone a little more damaged, someone who really needed me.

Speaking of… um,  have you and Banker really shared women? And if so, we need details. Lots and lots of details.

*laughs again*  I’m not much for spreading my business around, but I will admit to a few dominance games with a few beautiful submissives between us.

Wow. That’s quite a visual, but back to the topic at hand. Banker. Give us more. Now.

*shakes her head with a grin*  What do you want to know?

Oh god. What don’t we want to know? Who the hell is he? Where does he come from and do they make more of him there? Is it the size of the ship or the motion of the ocean? Original M&Ms or Peanut? Come on girl, dish!

Jeezus. You women are rabid. Which is kind of funny because, like most men of mystery, he’s so annoying. Believe me. I’ve known Nathaniel King for years, and as the guy at your back, he’s amazing. Apparently he doesn’t do so bad as the guy at your front either. *chuckles* But the problem is, when the dust settles, he’s still looking for a cause to fight another shadow to eaves drop from. That’s just him. He’ll never be a normal husband or father. Never. I can’t tell you the number of women I’ve had to talk off the ledge when he moved on to greener pastures. Literally, pastures in another country, where a foreign dictator was trying to buy surface-to-air artillery.

Well that’s dedication and honor, both of which I find very sexy. 

I suppose they can be. 

You didn’t really answer my questions. 

Oh, I’m so sorry. *smirks* Let’s see… He’s freelance operative who works with our government to secure high threat targets. Beyond that, I can tell you his favorite brand of beer, but not where he lives. I’m pretty sure he comes from out West, maybe California? I’m just guessing, so I could be wrong. There’s only one ‘Banker’ that I know of, but feel free to skulk around the military bars in your favorite halter top looking for his buddies. They’re all crazy and they love that shit… and what was the last one? Oh yes! I have no idea what you’re getting at with the M&M’s, but I will admit, if I were even bisexual, the motion of the ocean when his big ol’ boat came through would probably get me pretty damn excited. 

God. The things I would do if I was his first mate. Just sayin’.  Okay, nevermind that. Going back to the love triangle drama… Yes, they’re all crazy and we know that love has made a fool of all of us at some point in our lives, but really… how do you see this all ending up? Is our girl going to make the right choice?

I’ll be honest, when I took the job, I figured Calen Belarus for another typical cartel power-vacuum, but the guy I’ve gotten to know is pretty decent, especially considering his background. I get why Alex would feel the need to try and corral him onto a different path. Same goes for Fred. They’re both good men if you discount the one glaring fault of being murderers and drug pushers. Bu there it is, right? They’re good men and horrible human beings.

Then you have Banker who, as much as I love the guy, is a complete asshole ninety-nine percent of the time, but he has laid his life on the line to protect and serve a thousand times over – so a shitty guy and a great human being. Who the hell knows what the right choice is?

I guess if I were to have to choose for Alex, I would choose Fred. Protective while not overly dominant, strong, steady and  reliable – he’s the logical choice for her and her son, but love and logic are polar opposites, so she’ll probably do like most people and ruin everything by following her heart in circles, like in that fishbowl.

I always thought fish were kind of stupid.

Yeah… always thought the same of people. 

Thanks for the interview.

No problem. Can I take you to dinner? *winks*

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