Interview: Fred

Interview with the Entourage: “My Name is Frederique Jules Dubois”

Thanks for meeting with us today Fred. Let’s get right into it… tell us a little bit about who you are and where you’re from?

I’m originally a bayou boy from South Louisiana, but I’ve been all over the world as a Belarus security foreman. I was recently assigned as Alex McKenna’s primary guard.

 You don’t seem very aggressive. How did you get into this line of work and what are you guarding her from?

Next question.

Oh come on. You can’t tell us a little bit about what made you become ‘scary Fred’?

I was good at hunting. The Belarus organization employs people that have skills they can utilize.

Ok, well, if you were to change careers, what would you like to attempt next?

Maybe food critic. I hear it’s very cut-throat. *smirks*

Speaking of cutting throats… if hell exists what do you think the Devil will say if you meet him one day?

He’ll probably dock my pay and ask me where the fuck I was when Alex walked into his office and sent him back to hell.

Uh… ok, I’m going to let that one go. What about heaven? If it exists in your future, what do you want God to say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

*actually chuckles* If I make it to heaven, it’ll only be to drop Alex off, or so that the Archangel Michael can smite me himself.

 Hmmm, you might be right. So, if you had three wishes what would they be?

I wish… there were two of Alex… that she was always safe… and that God would hurry up with whatever he’s planning by way of world peace.

 Why would you want there to be two of her – wouldn’t that just mean more work for you? And seriously, world peace? Are you sure you’re on the right career?

Everyone has a place in this world. I may be on the wrong side, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t gladly set myself on fire, if I thought it would tip the scales.

Wow, that’s deep. And Alex? Why two of her?

I learned what happens to poachers when I was still a young boy.

Oh, it’s like that is it? I can see you’re not going to say more about it, so let’s try some simple profile questions. Turn ons?

Women with heart

Turn offs?


 Yeah, those assassins can be a real downer. How about a favorite curse word:

Goddammitalex… I coined the term, but Cale uses it from time to time, when she’s not around.

Favorite TV Show or Movie: 

Iron Chef and The Boondock Saints

I can see that. Murdering vigilantes, doing what no one else will, for the sake of the greater good… I have to ask again, are you sure you’re in the right career?

Are you sure I’m not? Who would protect Alex, if not me?

You make an interesting point. Ok, Favorite Song:

Sex and Candy, by Marcy Playground

Favorite Car: 

The Kombat T-98. The fastest armored, four wheel drive SUV in the world.

 Favorite Food:

Cornbread and homemade butter

 Favorite Animal:

Geese. They’re nice to look at and make great watch dogs.

Fred, you’re one of a kind. Thanks for sitting down with us. Is there one piece of information you want to pass along to the women of the world?

Sass is sexy, get yourself a gun.

(Click here to see who I would cast as my steady-Freddie)

3 responses to “Interview: Fred

  1. Ashley

    I definitely think that Fred should start poaching on Alex. On the other hand I am having the same problems as everyone, Fred or Banker. Wouldn’t it be great if Alex could have both LOL!!

  2. Jasmin

    i prefer Banker though…. can’t wait for the next book!

  3. Robin

    See told you Fred is hot , he really needs to poach on Alex, dam now Im torn between Banker and Alex . But I have an idea a out Banker and Fred .Hehehe !

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