Interview: Max and Cody

Interview with the Entourage: “Kenzie-Cakes and Kinky Cordelia”

Girls, I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this talk. Nobody knows what’s going on inside a girl’s head more than her best friends, so spill – what the hell is Alex thinking lately?

(Max)  Can you be more specific? She’s had a lot on her mind lately.

Just summarize for me to the best of your ability.

*Max looks to Cody, a thousand words in a single annoyed glance*

(Cody) I think Alex, like most of us, is consumed with the need to keep the people in her life safe and happy. She’s made some bold decisions – some successful, others not – and  now she’s left with too many people to care for, but that’s always kind of been her way.

We really don’t know much about her. Please explain.

(Cody) She doesn’t ever just give ninety-nine percent, it’s always two hundred, all the way, nothing held back. Just like in her construction business and in her first marriage. I think for that reason, she’s literally paralyzed with indecision over all of this, because each of the choices she has left are equally right and wrong for their own reasons.

All of the choices, really? She’s advocating the abuse of women and children through labor and drug trafficking.

(Max) Well, she can’t exactly just say  ‘ps. We’re not going to live this way anymore so you people need to wait here. Don’t worry the next cartel will be here soon.’ She’s trying to phase out the old system, but it doesn’t fucking happen overnight, does it?

(Cody) I think what Max is trying to say is that, while Alex herself has no true affiliation with the ongoing illegal activity associated with the Belarus name, she’s trying to help Calen rid himself of the old way that his father did business and set out new protocols that will change people’s lives for the better.

So what you’re saying is, neither of you are willing to give me the dirt. Fine. Fine. We’ll talk about other things… Cody, what was all that business with the freaky Banker in Wonderland house? Who the hell thinks of stuff like that?

*Max smiles* I laughed so hard when I heard about that. Seriously. Only Alex would do that.

*Cody nods and smiles with Max* Alex has always been creative in her ‘revenge lessons’, as she likes to call them. She told us stories like how a guy cheated on her in high school, and so she followed him home for Thanksgiving and announced a lovechild in front of his grandparents. A woman she babysat for accused her of stealing money from the desk, so she posted a nanny-cam herself and presented the husband with proof of not only his wife’s stick fingers, but of the little indiscretions she held upstairs, in their own bed.

(Max) That one was a little more serious. Most of the time, she tried not to hurt anyone while making her point. Like the time in college when my history professor unfairly mark me down. The man hated me. He really did. Anyway, Alex snuck in between classes, removed the desk drawer, and poured a can of spaghetti-ohs in the bottom  before sliding the drawer back in over it. They found it oozing out the bottom a few hours later, but that desk smelled like vomit for at least a week.

Oh gross! Remind me not to get on her bad side. Or yours for that matter. Apparently, she’s very protective.  Are you living all together now?

*Max nods* Things are still a little volatile, so for now we’re sticking close to watch each other’s backs and help out with the baby.

Awww. He’s so adorable, he just makes you want to have a baby of your own. What about it, Max? What ever happened to Cash?

*rolls her eyes* Cash was informing on my best friend. Enough said.

So was Banker.

Do you see me advocating keeping him around?

Whoa. Down girl. Okay, what about you Cody? You and Fred were kind of a thing there for a little bit. Does it bother you that he kind of switched teams on you and practically worships the ground Alex walks on now?

I was playing a part at the time. Fred is a nice guy, but he’s a criminal at best. I want to protect my friend, but I have no warm and fuzzies for anyone else she keeps company with.

I’m sensing some hostility here. Is it safe to say that you’d toss everyone into the lion’s den and drag your friend away kicking and screaming if you had the means to hide and protect her?

*Max agrees* That’s a fair assessment.

Alrighty then. I guess that’s my cue for some lighthearted questions peppered with good-natured banter… We’re going to do this rapid fire. I’m going to say a word and both of you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind, okay?


Cody – Strawberry.

Max –  Yes please. *she grins*


Max – Porn.

Cody – Chris Helmsworth.

Put them together and you’d break records! Ooops. Okay, um… Fun.

Max – Sex

Cody – Hanky Panky *Max and I both  laugh at her oh-so-proper way of putting it*

Okay girls, last one… Alex.

Max – Love

Cody – Fear *she and Max share a look*

Well, it’s been fun. I want to thank you for coming today, and… I just hope one day each of you finds happiness.

*Max reaches for Cody’s hand * We’re going to be fine. All of us.

(click here to see who I would cast as my dynamic duo)

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