The Education

10.17.14, Unedited, First Draft Excerpt from “The Education”

Copyright SE 2014



“Seriously, Jvon, I don’t blame your son completely. Serea knew what she was about… but did he have to be so rough?” Jole’s brow furrowed, hands flying to her hips in the no-nonsense way she’d always had.


Jvon, a village leader and warrior, was used to finding solutions to difficult problems, but when that problem was his son… he shook his head, a rueful tilt to his smirk. “I’m sorry, Jole. It’s my fault. I didn’t realize the boy was ready for such an education. He’s always been a fast mover.”


Serea’s mother huffed. “Fast is fine, but my girl isn’t going to walk straight for a week.”


He chuckled, holding up his hands to ward off her ire. “Jole, my boy is sitting on the side of his pallet, hanging his head right now. The girl he wanted more than anything in the world ran off in tears after his first attempt at manhood and his balls are still pulled up into his throat. Neither of them are going to be walking straight for a while.”


Jole stepped away, tilting her head. “You mean he didn’t…?”


He shrugged, shaking his head with yet another rueful smirk. “He may not have the education, but the boy knew enough to want to wait until his woman enjoyed herself. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t have the knowledge to make that happen. He stopped when she began to cry. I’m not sure what hurts worse right now… his ego, his young heart, or the throbbing stones he has tucked up between his legs right now.”


Jole smiled finally, for the first time. “So the son has the legendary control as well. Isn’t that interesting? I will speak to Serea. She will give him a chance to apologize. And perhaps later, a chance to make it up to her. I assume you’re going to make sure he knows exactly how to do that?”


He nodded, a twinkle in his eye. “I am. Do you require that I demonstrate those lessons? Perhaps make amends for the trouble my son has caused you?”


Jole chuckled. “Don’t tempt me, Jvon. Your wife might be my best friend, but she wouldn’t hesitate to skin us both.”


“No,” he laughed, “she wouldn’t. I will speak to Zerek, Jole, but you make sure your girl knows how to get what she wants next time. Not all that come to her in her life will have knowledge or control. She will be happier in the future if she has an education as well.”


Jvon turned to leave, intent on finishing the rest of his duties as one of the village leaders quickly before making his way back across the village to his own dwellings. When he finally arrived, he found his son, the eldest, sitting just as he had been before – shoulders stiff, chest rising and falling in heavy breaths to contain his upset. Zerek’s eyes were red, his face strained, but to his credit Jvon’s son had a dry face. No tears for his heir.


Those bloodshot, puffy eyes rose to his and Zerek spoke for the first time since confessing his sins to his father early in the afternoon. “Is Serea badly injured?”


Ah, those eyes. Red they might be, but the strength and honor therein made Jvon’s own chest puff up with pride. His first concern was for the girl. Aye, he would make a fine leader one day. Still, that day was not this one, and Jvon schooled his own expression into one of granite. “So now you want to ask questions of me? Tell me, boy, where were these questions before you decided to pound that girl’s body into a bloody mess?”


A tremble went through Zerek’s shoulders and he sat a little taller in an attempt to control the feelings so obviously pouring over him. If the lesson weren’t such an important one, Jvon would have gathered his young son to him. It was such a difficult task, letting your children grow. In only a few short years his children would all be beyond his lessons, and he would be of no more use to them. The thought made him wish to seek out his wife to discuss the possibility of another child. Hells fire, but he would like to have a dozen more if they were only as strong and worthy as this one.


He sighed, seating himself next to Zerek. “Serea will be fine. Whether or not you have a chance to apologize and make it up to her will be up to you. I can teach you the things you do not yet know, but it is up to you to use the knowledge I put into your head and the wisdom the Gods put into your heart… and there is no shame in asking questions to better yourself.”


Zerek sighed. “I did not mean to hurt her. I did not even mean to do what we did, father. It was just so…it felt…”


A smile twitched at the corner of Jvon’s mouth, which he suppressed. It was not time yet to laugh over this matter. Zerek’s heart was still too burdened, and Jvon would not peel away at his son’s pride.


“Yes, it can be powerful… but you must be more so. It concerns me that you feel ready to mate upon a woman at such a young age. Do you have your own dwelling that I am unaware of, my son? A cache of supplies and food ready to support a wife, children?”


Zerek shook his head in silence, his father’s censure ultimately the thing that brought tears closest to the surface. Jvon took pity. “No, I did not think so. Perhaps you would like to learn how to control these powerful feelings and turn them into something better? Something that will have Serea sighing to her sisters without the worry of children, at least not until you’re ready for them?”


For the first time his son seemed to breath deep. “Yes.”


“Good.” Jvon smirked. “First, we have dinner.”


Zerek blinked and wiped the moisture from his eyes, but obediently followed into the main chamber of the dwelling. When they were seated, Jvon leaned over to speak quietly. “Everything you do, every day, is part of showing Serea that you want her and making her want you. Watch. Learn.”


Jvon stood and made his way over to where Olena, his wife, was finishing preparations for the evening meal. His hand slid low on her back as he peaked over her shoulder. “What smells so delicious, my love?”


“Your favorite, of course… my love.”


There was a tone in her voice that gave Jvon pause, but he would deal with that later. “Really? Are you sure it isn’t you making my mouth water?”


Usually more subtle around his children, he ran his hand blatantly down her backside while scenting her neck, nuzzling the sensitive place behind her ear that would have her melting into a puddle at his feet.


“I’m positive.” Her hard voice cut through his intent.


Well, that spot usually had her melting. Obviously, his wife was angry with him. He knew why, and it amused him. Still, she would have to wait to deal with that later, as well. He sighed and kissed her jaw, whispering in her ear. “My only love, if you care to notice, our son is in pain. I have a need to instruct him. You may instruct and punish me later, yes?”


Olena turned her face up to his, kissing him lightly before turning to inspect her children. The younger ones were giggling behind their hands, unused to seeing their father so openly grope his wife, but Jvon was correct. Her strong boy, Zerek, was watching them intently through eyes rimmed in red. The heart in her chest, the one which had leapt at the sight of those eyes the first time her little man had opened them, bled for her son’s obvious confusion and embarrassment. Blowing him a small kiss, she reassured him with a mother’s look that all would be well.


Turning back to her husband, Olena glared in response to the impish twinkle that lit his eyes. He was enjoying her jealousy. She sighed. Of course he was. Jole had been only too happy to stop by on her way home and tease Olena about Jvon’s offer, and she could see now that they had both been very aware and amused by what her response would be. Oh, she knew Jvon would never have followed through, but the idea that he would even flirt with another women, a friend, had wound her up tight. As he had known it would. She would have to make sure to punish her husband well tonight, late after her children were asleep. For now, she would play along. “Teach our son, then. We will speak later.”


He smiled, “Thank you, my love… You are such a good mother, Olena.”


The hand hidden from their children dropped, along with his voice, delving into the cleft between her legs as he whispered in her ear. “It makes me ache to bury myself between your warm thighs and place another child there. All of the world should be populated with the proud children you raise.”


His wife’s breath caught on a gasp, but she gathered her wits enough to smirked up at him. “Don’t think you’re going to charm me, husband. You will help my son find his way to bed happy tonight. You, however,  may not be so happy when you find yours.”


“We will see.”


She giggled, as pretty as the day he first took her for his own. “Yes. We will. Go sit, now. Our meal is getting cold.”




Zerek followed his father through the filmy scarves leading into the night-woman’s chambers. He’d known such places existed, outside of the villages, but not until recently had he thought of the purpose or dreamt of what would happen within.


Nothing could have prepared him for the sights and sounds of such a place. The grunts and groans, slapping fleshy sounds accompanying feminine cries, and the thick smell of bodies and sweat floating through the thin colorful walls of fabric. They had his stomach twisting into a sickening ball even as his heart tried to thunder out of his chest.


Thoughts of Serena sliced through his mind, and he knew exactly what they were doing. His balls drew up tight, anchoring his dick as it got heavy. It made him sick to think of how good it had felt, even as he had hurt her.


His father turned and motioned him forward. Try as he might, obviously Zerek hadn’t  kept the thought from painting his face pale, because his father steadied him with a hand on his shoulder. “Put it out of your mind for now, my son. That will never happen again. I will teach you, and you will teach Serea. She will forgive you, I promise, and when she does, you will wipe all of those memories away with the pleasure of your company. Come… I will show you.”


He led Zerek forward to sit on a low cushion. They waited but a moment before a woman floated through the curtained door. She was pretty in a way, but nothing in comparison to his Serea. Her black mane of curls were dull when he thought of the spicy brown braid that ran down Serea’s back. Her breast and hips too heavy when all he longed for was the lithe young body he’d held in his arms earlier in the day.


Still, there was no denying that the obvious nudity beneath her robe was stirring his abused arousal. He ached to bury his cock in something warm and wet and – gods, so damn soft – again.


The woman tilted her head in question at his father, who produced two coins. “A bit of your time only, and an education of sorts, if you don’t mind, mistress Katise.”


She nodded. “It’s been a long time. I’d be honored.” Turning to Zerek,  she smiled. “Any son of Jvon Teheran is a welcome e guest. Learn well, my love, and you will never have to pay for any woman’s favor.”


His father stood and came around behind her. “As I told you before, everything you do applies to making a woman want you. Long before you ever approach a woman, she has watched you walk, talk, eat, joke, flirt, and fight … and she has discussed you with the other women. It’s just their way.”


A dimple of amusement surfaced in one of Mistress Katise’s rosey cheeks, and she nodded in agreement. “It’s true.”


They shared a smile before Jvon turned back to Zerek. “So you must build a reputation as a strong, intelligent, and worthy man. Judging from young Serea’s initial response, you seem to be doing well there. So, let’s discuss the specifics of a woman’s body and sexual pleasure…”


Zerek’s cheeks were ruddy with embarrassment. To have his father say such things in front of this woman, to have her know — it was almost too much to bear. Still, he sat obediently. He would do anything, bear anything, to never have Serea spill another tear. He wanted to make her happy, to make her feel even a tenth of the amazing sensation he’d had momentarily before he’d ruined everything.


He watched as his father ran a slow finger down Katise’s neck causing a visible shiver to spread across her skin, raising the tiny little hairs on her arms. Jvon glanced up at Zerek and smiled. “You see? A woman who is ready to be seduced is very, very responsive. The smallest touch will tell you if she is enjoying your attentions. However, you must constantly let her know of your own desire as well, make her feel wanted. Women are fickle creatures — as soon as you’ve lost their mind, you’ve lost their body — and if given too much time to think, they will often decide that you aren’t as interested in them as you should be and turn cold on you.”


Katise chuckled and nodded, although this time her voice was admittedly lower, more sensual. “True again.”


Jvon continued. “So, you must immerse yourself in her body. Don’t just touch her, but smell her, taste her, talk to her. When you pull her into your arms, she should know that she is the only place you want to be… Come, I will show you.”


Jvon flicked a finger and Zerek stood to join him behind the mistress. “Each woman is different, so you should use your hands and your mouth to find your woman likes, but there are several specific places that almost all women find pleasurable. The neck and throat, especially behind the ears and down by the collar bone, are very sensitive. A well placed kiss, suckle, or even tiny bite in these places will have her knees trembling to open for you. The same goes for the wrists, elbows, backs of the knees and the ankles. Try.”


Zerek glanced up in surprise as his father motioned towards Katise. He was supposed to do those things to her? Now? He swallowed the sudden lump in his throat and leaned forward to place his lips against the petite mistress’ neck, just below her ear. It wasn’t hard, considering he was already almost as tall as his father, lacking only by a head. Still, it was awkward and he backed away quickly after the small, chaste kiss was accomplished.


She turned slightly, a small smile playing against her lips. Had they been so red before? He couldn’t remember past the buzzing in his head. Her smell had entered his nose as it pressed against her throat, and everything seemed at once both sharp and fuzzy as he tried to deal with the warring sensations assaulting him.


“Give me your hand, darling.” The mistress reached out, plucking his hand up and enveloped his index finger with her mouth. The wet heat hit his system like a shot of lighting, bowing his spine as he gasped in shock and pleasure. Her rasping tongue ran along the underside before swirling around in a sensual slide off of the tip. Those red, luscious lips popped off the end of his finger, and the cool air around him only served to further prove just how hot that little mouth of hers was. She smiled up at him. “Remember that the best mouths are warm and wet, so when you use yours, let her feel just how good your mouth is.”


She leaned up on the tips of her toes, breasts sliding against his chest, and opened her mouth against his neck in precisely the same spot he’d kissed on her own. Her breath heated his skin before she pressed an open kiss against his throat, allowing her teeth to graze him in a suckling kiss that left his skin alive in the wake of the caress. She backed away and smiled. “Do you understand?”


Zerek nodded, breath heaving in and out of his chest. His body was on fire, as if flames licked along his skin, and he had to battle the mortification back as he realized the mistress had just caused the hair on his arms to stand at attention as easily as his father had done to hers. He put those feelings out of his head and focused on what he wanted to know. “I understand now. What next?”


His father and Katise shared another smile and she turned back to Zerek, dropping her robe. Jvon guided them to a sensual pallet covered in soft cushions and helped the mistress lay back against them. He knelt to one side, waving Zerek to the other. “The most important thing you can learn, the thing you were lacking before, is to be patient and watch for the signs. Women are not like us, who can be fully aroused with a mere thought.”


He smirked and indicated the hard arousal that neither he nor his son could hide. Zerek tried not to wonder at his father’s response. He’d never thought of his father with another woman, wasn’t sure that he liked the idea, but perhaps there were other things his father would teach him later, things about marriages. For now he nodded, prompting his father to continue.


“Whereas men are like small tinder-fires, quick to catch and even quicker to burn out, women are like a fire after the rains have come. You have to work a little harder, take more care, but when they catch flame, they burn hot and true for a long time. Look for the signs that she’s heating up, build that fire slowly…”


His father’s fingers trailed down the valley of the mistress’ breasts, down her body. The hot, red lips that had enveloped Zerek’s fingers only moments before fell open on a sigh, and he watched in fascination as the nipples on her full breasts pebbled up, resembling the dark berries they gathered in the late summer. His mouth flooded with the thought and he swallowed. His father saw and tilted his head toward those berries, encouraging him forward. “Go ahead. See what happens.”


Zerek glanced up at his mistress and she winked, further encouraging him. Her nipples were right little buds now, and his heart felt as if it would jump from his chest the longer he looked at them. Rocking forward onto his knees, he leaned over and placed a hand on either side of her slender body for balance. The breath he’d been unconsciously holding burst out of him the moment the flat of his tongue met her erect nipple, and as he gasped her smell hit him again, going straight to his groin. His mouth closed over her instinctively, but he jerked away as she moaned in response. Their eyes met and she smiled, licking those red, red lips. “Again. More.”


It took a moment for him to realize she’d liked it. He tried again, this time suckling her and rubbing his tongue over the tight little bud of her nipple as she’d done to his finger. She bowed up against the cushions, pressing her breast into his face, fingers digging into his thigh. This time, when she moaned, he felt something inside of him swell with pride and he pulled away to glance up at his father in triumph. Jvon was smiling and nodded. “Yes. See what you have done to her… the signs are beginning to show up. Her eyes are becoming heavy but excited, her skin is flushed and shivering, her breasts crying out for attention. Best of all, see here…” His father stroked Mistress Katise between her thighs and held his hand up for Zerek to see, his fingers dewy in the light from the lamps. “She is growing wet for you. Feel.”


Zerek placed his fingers just as his father had, and was amazed. He glanced up at Katise, overwhelmed, and she smiled down at him. This woman was beautiful, he realized. She was glowing in the soft light, her skin rosy and alive, her breasts and hips full and made for a man’s hands, and then there was this. He shifted so he could really look at her. Her body was like nothing he’d ever seen before. The soft, wet folds cushioned his fingers like her lips had just moments ago, and he stroked her, completely enthralled with the sensation.


“Slide your fingers inside, son, just here.” Jvon showed him the way, and as her tight channel sucked him in, Zerek remembered exactly how it had felt to bury himself deep inside Serea. That memory warred with the similarities he was realizing from only moments before. His mistress’ hot mouth had felt remarkably just like this. He still hadn’t kissed her, but he couldn’t help but wonder just how similar a real kiss would be to the press of his lips where his fingers were now.


Almost as if his father was reading his mind, Jvon continued. “A woman’s sex is a haven of pleasure. You don’t have to bury your seed in her for the two of you two enjoy each other. Use your mouth and your hands for pleasure. Discover each other. When you’re ready to bring her to completion, this is where you need to be.”


He pointed out the specific points of her haven for Zerek, allowing his son to touch and stroke to elicit various responses from his mistress. Every new sigh or moan built in Zerek a stronger desire to pull another from her. When he could no longer stand it, he asked, “What about kisses? Do you only touch here, or can you use your mouth?”


Jvon stared at his son a long moment before a full smile overtook him. Then, a full bellied laugh. He was so amused he could not answer. Zerek at once thought he must have said something stupid, but a brush of his mistress’ hand on his thigh brought his attention to her. Her eyes were still heavy and aroused, but she smiled, crooking a finger at him. He leaned over her and she pulled his head down into a kiss. Her tongue brushed his, tracing his lips, before she pressed her mouth fully to his, sucking on his lips, and encouraging him to do the same. When she broke away, there was a twinkle in her eye. “You may use your mouth anywhere you like, darling. Anywhere. There are no rules as long as you are both enjoying it.”


Anywhere. He wanted to make her moan again. And she’d said anywhere. He scooted down her body, but his father had recovered enough to speak. “Whoa. Hold.”


His father’s eyes were still sparkling with mirth, but not censure.”When I told Jole that you moved fast, I really hadn’t considered how much of an understatement it was. You must get that from your mother.” He winked, fighting to contain another chuckle. “As the mistress says, if it gives you both pleasure, do what you will. However, as much as it pains me to do this to you, my son, that is for another time. You still have some seasoning to do yet.”


Katise groaned. “Really, Jvon?”


He turned to her, grinning. “While my son is apparently a natural, he is not yet a man, Mistress. He’ll return when he’s truly ready.”


She sighed. “And you? Are you not a man?”


His father threw back his head and laughed. “Aye, I am. And I’m married to a beautiful but very mean woman. She will already be seething by the time I return. It’s best if I don’t give her further reason to castrate me before I’ve trained my other two sons.”


“Two more sons, eh?” His mistress turned to Zerek and winked. “If they’re anything like you, I don’t believe I’ll survive the lessons. You’re welcome return anytime, darling, and I’ll teach you anything you want to learn.”


Zerek felt the offer settle low in his belly. He was respectful enough not to contradict his father’s desire to leave, but what his father didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him. Zerek would return soon. He had an education to complete.

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