“The Music Made Me Do It”

Unedited, First Draft Short Story – “The Music Made Me Do It”

Copyright SE 2013



The music sliced through me, the heavy beat realigning my pulse to its rhythm. Excitement crashed down the length of my spine. This was why I was here. This was me.

I let everything go, hips swaying to the seduction of the drums, head thrown back in surrender, my fingers playing invisible notes down my body. The room was a maze of lights and silhouettes, which I ignored in favor of the flame haired vixen pacing in front of me. Pepper was red-hot tonight, and like always, she was ready to play.

She sashayed forward, bending at the waist to roll her hips at me in provocation. I took my cue, moving in to lick her satin and sequins clad ass even as my hand came down with a loud snap on the opposite cheek. She feigned shock, stumbling and falling back into my arms, struggling to escape my lusty advances and the wandering hands that slithered so seductively between her legs and back again. We let it play out with the scream of the guitars, the struggle and the cat and mouse of her supposed innocence, until in a fever pitch she succumbed to her overwhelming lust for me, grinding against my legs in a dance of abandon and lesbian discovery.

As far as opening acts went, it was cheesy as hell – and the crowd ate it up, god bless ’em. A few strokes, pokes, and pinches later, Pepper made her rounds, collecting cash and flirting with the guests.

I stayed center stage, turning away from the crowd. The music softened, floated around me like a lyrical breath held in anticipation. Legs squeezed together, silk bound thighs gliding together in a universal cue that beckoned one and all to what was hidden between them, I let it build even higher- the cat-calls, the tension, the sex. They were ready for round two.

My hands found their way to the waist of my skirt. Inch by inch, it slid down my ass, revealing the translucent pink thong, and then back up to play peek-a-boo again. The tease had men shifting in their seats, gulping beer to relieve dry throats. Couples edged closer together with playful, wandering hands.

This is why I was here.

I let the skirt drop and dug into the music with my whole being. My body became an electric conduit, writhing and shimmying, responding with a particular wetness that most dancers would never experience onstage. It wasn’t the customers, or the money, or even the whiskey I’d sipped back stage. It was the goddamn music. Every sharp twang or heavy thump had my body in thrall, as if the drum was beating somewhere more intimate, the chords plucking at sensitive peaks.

Pepper slid her hands down my backside, spreading my legs with practiced ease, to dip low and slide in between them. She skimmed back up the front side of my body, her tongue feigning a lovers trail as her hands reached back to squeeze and kneed my ass. It didn’t take much for her to reach up and flip the clasp on my bra. My breasts tumbled out, and she grinned. It was time to work the crowd.

I chose my toy, a plump blond sitting with her husband in the front row. I loved chubbies. From the full tits and luscious asses, to the ‘enjoy your life while you have it’ attitude, they were my favorite customers. She was definitely enjoying herself. Her face was rosy, her smile saucy.

I sashayed my way to her, letting my eyes tell her how hard I was about to rock her world. The flush spread across the top of her tits as her mouth fell open, just a bit.


Dropping to the stage, I slithered the last five feet on my hands and knees before turning over onto my back in front of her. I arched my back slowly, until my tits strained upwards and my head tilted all the way back. I winked at her upside down. “Hi there.”

Her breath rushed out softly, and she giggled. “Um, hi.”

Very cute. Very Sexy.

“I couldn’t help but notice, you have really beautiful breasts. They’re real aren’t they?” I slid my hands up to squeeze my own together, emphasizing my point while drawing her further into the game.

Her face glowed red, but her smile bloomed full and bright. “Oh, well, uh, thank you. Yes, they are.”

“I knew it. I always wanted breasts like yours. Do you think your husband would let me play with them for a few minutes? I’d really like you to come up here and join me.”

“Oh my god. Seriously?”

Her forehead wrinkled with worry, but her husband puffed up with obvious pride for his wife and nodded enthusiastically. “Go on, baby. Have some fun.”

I rolled over on my stomach, and reached out to play a finger along the neckline of her shirt. “I promise I’ll make sure you don’t even notice the other customers. Besides, you won’t be staying to socialize anyway. Your husband will drag you out of here as soon as you climb off stage. You’ll be lucky to make it to the car before he rips your shirt off to get at those beautiful breasts… Please?”

She rose, wiping her hands on her long skirt.

I winked. “If I do anything that makes you uncomfortable…just enjoy it. It means you’re getting your money’s worth.”

She laughed with me, and a wisp of her hair fell down in her face. With a shaking hand, she swept it backwards and started toward the stage. The crowd went wild, rooting her on, calling out compliments and yeah-babys.

I just watched. Those beautiful tits bounced and her hips swayed as she came around to the steps. Crawling across the stage to meet her, I rolled over onto my back at the top step and beckoning her forward, playing up the crowd. She would have to step over me, allowing me a nice long look up that skirt of hers, to get onto the stage. The noise level in the club spiked with cat calls and naughty advice. My cute little toy rose to the occasion, taking a long, exaggerated step directly overhead, and laughing as her tits flushed pink.


I came to my feet behind her, undulating along her spine like a cat. The music was pulling at me again, as if annoyed at being ignored for even those short moments. It was past time to see if she heard it, too. Something about the way she vibrated with each brush of our bodies told me I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Reaching around from behind to lace my fingers with hers, I turned us both to face her husband. We were of a similar height, and very slowly, I began to raise our entwined hands above our heads, grazing every soft inch of her body on the way up. My voice brushed against her curls, made intimate by the beat drowning out everyone but the woman I held. “Your body is going to become mine. Move with me.”

My hips pressed into hers, teaching her the rhythm, and together we slowly began to roll our bodies. My hands slipped from hers, caressing down her arms to her shoulders and throat. She responded, her breath becoming ragged, her nipples spearing the front of her shirt. Without conscious thought her hands fell backwards to slide into my hair.

I nuzzled her ear, gliding my hands down her body as we swayed. “Sexy woman – look at your husband. That man wants you so bad right now, he can’t hardly stay in his seat. Tell him with your body what you want.”

To my surprise, she didn’t hesitate. Dipping down, she swung her hips low to the heavy drum beat. Clutching handfuls of skirt, she gave the distinct impression she could barely restrain herself from ripping it off right then and there. I grinned and feigned a hard grasp on her hair as she came back up, tugging her head lightly to lay back against my shoulder. It wasn’t part of the routine, but it was too much, too perfect to pass up.

Slowly, my free hand slid around her waist before spider crawling up her torso. Her spine bowed up of its own accord and her breathing stopped. She waited, waited. And the crowd hushed, waiting with her.

It took every spec of professionalism I had inside me to veer to the side of her full breast, and bring my hand up to wrap around her shoulder, tugging her hair to the side to place a soft, barely- there kiss along the crook of her neck. Men and women alike let out a breath, crying out for more, for an end to the tease.

No one else heard her whimper, and I smiled again, glancing out at the one man watching us more intensely than anyone else. He didn’t have to hear her to know.

Oh yes, Big Papa wanted to stake his claim. I shook my head at him with a wink. I wasn’t finished with her yet.

Releasing my hold, I swung around to the ground in front of her, worshiping her plush body with gentle hands as I rose slowly to my feet. She quivered under my touch, her hips still swaying in time with the music as her own hands slid along her throat and chest. The music liked her, too. Wetness slid down my thighs as I swayed with her and I couldn’t stop myself from pressing my face into the creamy line of her cleavage before moving on to nuzzle her ear.

The sounds of the crowd were filtering back into my awareness, and judging by the blush that raced across every visible surface of her soft skin, she was becoming aware again, as well. I smiled, pretending to nuzzle her ear in order the place a kiss on her cheek. “Thank you for being so awesome. I think your husband is ready to take you home now, but if you ever want to come back and play, let me know. You were great.”

I led her forward and her husband met her at the bottom of the stairs, flushed and grinning as he held out his hand and pretended to ignore the catcalls his wife was getting. There were plenty. The noise from the crowd was overwhelming.

I waved her out and took my bows, picking up my clothes on the way back stage. Jake met me just behind the curtain. “What the hell, Sin?”

I shrugged. “They loved it.”

“One day we’re going to get sued, or you’re going to go to jail.”

I pushed past him, rolling my eyes. “I didn’t actually touch her tits or slide anything under her clothes this time. I was very good, considering. Besides, I can’t really help it -”

“Oh fuck, don’t you dare say it again.” He raked a hand through his messy curls.

I grinned. “The music made me do it.”

4 responses to ““The Music Made Me Do It”

  1. Corrie

    That was hot. Left me wanting to read more!

  2. Marsha

    Way too short, left me wanting more.

  3. Monica

    Really good, if that is writers block, …… damn!

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