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Are you ready?

One Way Cover

I am so excited (read: terrified) about next week! 😉

ONE WAY, the final book in the Cartel series goes out to the beta-readers on Wednesday for a final once-over, and I will be announcing a special pre-release contest this Friday. (Can we say shopping?!)

We are 100% on schedule for our March 14th release date, so get ready to get crazy!

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Big News!

Hello you sexy readers,

Reflecting on the past year, I cannot tell you how absolutely FANTASTIC  it is to have so many roommates in my nut house! All I can say is: Thank YOU, and I hope your coming year is even half as happy as mine already is!

Now, I have some big news for you, so brace yourself…

combo project

The first awesome thing is:

Average Jill‘ is finally available for FREE on the Amazon Kindle this weekend – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Average Jill Cover b

It’s been a little slow-going, so would appreciate any and all reviews, comments, emails, or feedback on this story – even if you hate it. But I know you won’t. 😉  

(PS. I solemnly swear, I will never publish exclusively on Amazon again – Experiement failed. However, if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still download the app on your tablet or smart phone. *also for FREE – HA!*)

Now, onto my other SUPER-EXCITING thing

For those of you boycotting ‘Average Jill’ (you know who you are, lol) in favor of those handsome Cartel Series hottiesI’m breaking my rule and announcing the publish date for ‘ONE WAY’, Book 4 of the Cartel Series!

One Way Cover

I think it’s only fitting that, as someone who never expected to have the honor of publishing anything at all, I put the finishing seal on my Cartel series on my 30th birthday! Look for ‘ONE WAY’ to be available March 14th!

You can find a brand new excerpt from ‘ONE WAY’ on the bonus page, and don’t forget grab your FREE copy of Average Jill, this weekend only…

Thank you again for such an amazing year – let’s make this one even more awesome!


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Announcing: Average Jill

Happy Holidays everyone!

The turkey has been eaten and it’s time to head home to set up the Christmas tree. But wait – you’re going to need a good book to brush off the boredom on the long drive home!  (or if, like me, you just need to block out the crazy already in your home – eeek! lol)

Average Jill Cover b

Announcing: AVERAGE JILL, available now, exclusively on your Kindle.

When Jillian finds herself wishing for something more out of love, her best friend Stacey is sure she knows just how to help… Operation: Trade Up.

Jill isn’t sure Stacey’s cure won’t be worse than the cause of all her woes, but there is just no arguing with Evil Makeover Barbie when she has one thing on her mind. One way or the other, Stacey is determined that Jillian is going to find her Prince Charming – or else!

It’s a little different from what you’re used to reading from me, but if you laugh half as much while reading it as I did while I was writing it, I’ve done my job. 😉

No Kindle? No problem! You can download a Free Kindle Reading App, for your computer, smart phone, Android Tablet,  iPad, or any other mobile device! Just grab the Kindle App – and read for free!

I wish all of you the best and hope the coming weeks are filled with family and fun!



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