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Average Jill is FREE for my Birthday Weekend!

In honor of my dirty-thirty birthday tomorrow (oh god!!!! lol) I’ve made Average Jill available for FREE this weekend on Amazon. Be sure to get your FREE copy and leave a review. (Best Birthday present EVER! lmao)

Also, don’t forget, ONE WAY, the final book in the Cartel Series comes out tomorrow! Woot! I can’t wait to see what you think…




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Are you ready?

One Way Cover

I am so excited (read: terrified) about next week! ūüėČ

ONE WAY, the final book in the Cartel series goes out to the beta-readers on Wednesday for a final once-over, and I will be announcing a special pre-release contest this Friday. (Can we say shopping?!)

We are 100% on schedule for our March 14th release date, so get ready to get crazy!

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Big News!

Hello you sexy readers,

Reflecting on the past year, I cannot tell you how absolutely FANTASTIC  it is to have so many roommates in my nut house! All I can say is: Thank YOU, and I hope your coming year is even half as happy as mine already is!

Now, I have some big news for you, so brace yourself…

combo project

The first awesome thing is:

Average Jill‘¬†is finally¬†available for FREE on the Amazon Kindle this weekend – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Average Jill Cover b

It’s been a little slow-going, so would¬†appreciate any and all reviews, comments, emails, or feedback¬†on this story – even if you hate it. But I know you won’t. ūüėȬ†¬†

(PS. I solemnly swear, I will never publish exclusively on Amazon again – Experiement failed. However,¬†if you don’t have a Kindle,¬†you can still download the app on your tablet or smart phone. *also for FREE – HA!*)

Now, onto my other SUPER-EXCITING thing: 

For those of you boycotting ‘Average Jill’¬†(you know who you are, lol)¬†in favor of those handsome Cartel Series hotties:¬†I’m breaking my rule and announcing the¬†publish date¬†for¬†‘ONE WAY’, Book 4 of the Cartel Series!

One Way Cover

I think it’s only fitting that, as someone who never expected to have the honor of publishing anything at all, I put the finishing seal on my Cartel series on my 30th birthday!¬†Look for ‘ONE WAY’ to be available¬†March 14th!

You can find a brand new¬†excerpt from ‘ONE WAY’ on the bonus page, and don’t forget grab your FREE copy of Average Jill, this weekend only…

Thank you again for such an amazing year – let’s make this one even more awesome!


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